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About Us

MAKU Invest OÜ is a supplier of high quality wood fuels- kiln dried logs, kindling, wood briquettes and firelighters.

Our mission is to offer the best quality products to our customers and to be a reliable and stabile partner.

You can be sure that our customer´s satisfactory and happiness is the most important for us.

Company´s main markets are United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Currently, production is 100% exported.

MAKU Invest OÜ is continuously improving products quality and increasing product range.

Many thanks for visiting our website.

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Our products

Logs and kindling are supplied in an unbranded net or plastic bag.
Plastic bags and firelighters can be labelled or designed according to Your needs!
We can pack products according to customer wishes and mix loads with different products.
To discuss Your special requirements please contact us.

Kiln dried logs in netted bags

25ltr net bag (9.5-10kg)
40ltr net bag (14-14.5kg)


  • Hardwood – 100% silver birch or ash
  • Moisture max 18%
  • Length 23 cm +/-1cm
  • Crosscut 8 – 15cm

Kiln dried logs in crates

1.0m3- 850 x 1180 x 1150 (outside measurements)
2.0m3- 850 x 1180 x 2100 (outside measurements)


  • Hardwood – 100% silver birch or ash
  • Moisture max 18%
  • Length 25 cm +/-1cm
  • Crosscut 8 – 15cm

Kiln dried logs in plastic bags

22ltr plastic bag (7-7.5kg)


  • Mixed hardwood – silver birch, alder and black alder
  • Moisture max 15%
  • Length 25 cm +/-1cm
  • Crosscut 8 – 16cm

Kindling in plastic bags

1kg plastic bag
3kg plastic bag


  • Softwood – pine and spruce (no bark)
  • Moisture max 18%
  • Length 13 - 15
  • Crosscut up to 3cm

Birch RUF briquettes

10kg plastic bag (+/-3%)


  • Hardwood – 100% birch sawdust
  • Moisture 6-9%
  • Calorific value:4700 Kcal / kg
  • Ash content : 0,2-0,8%

*Also available softwood (spruce and pine) RUF briquettes

Eco firelighters

50pcs in a box

MAKU Invest OÜ firelighters are made from wood shavings which has been soaked in candle wax. This is a 100% natural product and does not leave any unpleasant smells on your hands.
Our firelighters burn longer than usual firelighters. An average burning time is 10-12 minutes.

Average wood wool firelighter weighs 13-13.6 grams.
Our firelighters are ideal for lighting up grills, fireplaces, stoves, etc and no need for a paper or kindling.